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For centuries, Genoa and its port have been a major crossroads for trade around the world, a place where different cultures have learnt to meet and work together. Business opportunities and its strategic position, combined with its history, art, mild climate and its everlasting bond with its sea, make Genoa the unique location for your company when you are moving your business, or opening your headquarters or a representative office in Northern Italy.

WTC Genoa can offer you all the help you need to start your business, through its consolidated network of selected and qualified professionals and consultants. We will work at your side throughout all the stages of establishment and operational relocation, and will remain your point of reference in Genoa for all your requirements even when your business is up and running.

Genoa, Historical Capital of sea-bound trade and economy

Genoa is an ancient city built by the Etruscans at the apex of the Ligurian Sea; its origins are linked to the history of seafaring, trade, industry and banking.
Capital of the Most Serene Republic of Genoa and founded around the year 1000, for over seven centuries it was an independent state and the ruler of the seas, boasting one of the finest ports in the Mediterranean.

“Genuensis, ergo mercator”, or “Genoese, therefore merchant”, is the motto by an unknown author that encapsulates the flair for trade that helped the Genoese and their fleet to set up an empire made of oversea colonies that were scattered across the then known world, from the Middle East and Turkey to the Canary Islands, England and the seas of the North. The ancient Caffa, Solcati, Tana, Chios, Phocaea, Mytilene and Pera were all other Genoas that shone brightly in the world of trade because of the merchants from Genoa the Superb.

Genoa, an ideal business location at the heart of the Mediterranean

Today, the port of Genoa is the largest in Italy, and one of Europe’s major seaports. Genoa is a dynamic city in continuous change, it hosted a G8 summit in 2001, was European City of Culture in 2004, and in 2006 the system of the Palazzi dei Rolli, a network of public lodgings in private residences, was added to UNESCO’s world heritage lists.

Genoa’s economy has undergone significant changes in the past decades, shifting from essentially being rooted in primary industry to a more modern form of economy based on services (advanced tertiary sector, tourism and commerce).

Today, Genoa is the ideal location for people searching for somewhere replete with culture and charisma, at the centre of the Mediterranean, with a mild climate and excellent quality of life. Recent research into six thematic areas (wealth and consumption, demographics and health, business and work, environment and services, justice and safety, culture and free time) placed Genova among the top 20 centres in Italy.

WTC Genoa will help you in all the stages of relocating your business to Genoa

WTC Genoa has the know-how, people and consultants to support you in all the stages of your move to Genoa, whether this is simply opening an operational base in our offices on the 19th floor of the WTC Tower, or relocating your business to another part of the city, we can be a firm point of reference in all your operational and/or commercial stages.

Contact our commercial office to begin looking at how to relocate your business in Genoa.


Thinking about locating your business in Genoa

Before taking any decision, you will need to weigh up the pros and cons of moving. WTC Genoa can give you all the information about your market of reference, the structures for your business and the procedures for relocating it to Genoa.


Lay the foundations to start your business in Genoa

WTC Genoa can give you all the assistance you need to start your business in Genoa, whether it is a new venture or you are relocating from elsewhere. Our staff will put you in contact with qualified professionals who will work with you during the subsequent phases.


Start working on your operative relocation procedures

During the operational relocation of your business, WTC Genoa will offer support in all the various stages of moving to your offices, recruiting staff, drawing up contracts, and for initial contacts useful to your sales’ network.


Keep a stable reference point in Genoa

Once your business is up and running, WTC Genoa will remain a stable and reliable point of reference in the city, for any potential requirement.

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