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Services for the Chamber
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Support services to the Genoa Chamber of Commerce (Business Registry, EEN Network, product certification, promotional activities and EU planning)

WTC Genoa is the Executive Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa: as of 2021, as a result of the reform of the Chamber system, it incorporates the pre-existing Executive Agency ‘InHouse’, adding and integrating its skills, experience and resources to further boost the many Chamber of Commerce’s activities for the development of the business system and the Genoese province.

Business register and data management

WTC Genoa builds upon the experience and know-how gained by the inHouse Agency regarding the inputting of the Business Register data, the huge database containing information about the establishment and activity of over 6 million businesses and 10 million entrepreneurs in Italy.

WTC Genoa, therefore, supports both the chamber offices of the Business Register and Infocamere – the IT company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce – to ensure that the data managed by the business registration system always meet the reliability, efficiency and security requirements of the Chamber of Commerce system.

European business support network - Enterprise Europe Network

WTC Genoa also is a partner, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa, of the Enterprise Europe Network, created by the European Commission in order to support the competitive (da modificare anche nella versione IT del sito, inserendo “competitiva”) growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises.
The network, consisting of some 450 contact points, is active in 58 countries and offers an integrated system of services aimed at helping SMEs and other economic actors to internationalise; develop their innovation and sustainability potential; and benefit of available forms of financing.

The EEN contact point for north-western Italy is the ALPS EEN Consortium, which acts as a reference body for Liguria, Piedmont, and Aosta Valley. The main services provided by ALPS Enterprise Europe Network are:

  • Provision of information and support to enterprises – SMEs in particular- regarding EC and internationalisation issues and for the participation in the European programmes.
  • Information seminars and workshops.
  • Organisation of international technology brokering and B2B events.
  • Profiling services (technology offers/requests, commercial offers/requests) to help businesses get in touch with foreign partners.
  • Searching for partners for participation in international research and development projects.
  • Services supporting the innovation and environmental sustainability strategy in SMEs.
  • Provision of feedback to the European Commission, to support the single market implementation with opinions from enterprises and citizens.

Quality certification and control

Support to the Chamber of Commerce in the specialised functions of the control and certification of Community Trade Mark Products (Focaccia di Recco col formaggio IGP, Acciughe sotto sale del Mar Ligure IGP), as well as of products and services with a geographical collective mark, such as:

  • the regional trademark ‘Artigiani In Liguria’ (Artisans in Liguria), to promote quality craftsmanship;
  • the ‘I prodotti Genova Gourmet’ (Genoa Gourmet Products) brand, which certifies the excellence of typical products used in their natural state and in traditional Genoese recipes, from PDO and PGI to the Ancient Vegetables of Tigullio, the Mixed Chiavari Hazelnuts and U Cabannin. The brand identifies niche agri-food productions, made by entrepreneurs who believe and invest in the territory both by re-proposing historical recipes and productions, such as rose syrup, and by innovating productions in order to upgrade and promote the territory, such as saffron and curry;
  • the ‘Genova Gourmet Bartender’ brand, which enhances the figure of the cocktail professional who uses the products of the territory, thus valorising the scents of Liguria, from east to west, and recalling the lifestyle of its inhabitants;
  • the ‘Genova Gourmet Cafeteria’ brand, to distinguish and certify the quality Genoese Cafeteria service, controlled and guaranteed by the Genoa Chamber of Commerce; to protect operators providing an excellent cafeteria service, raising awareness among their customers-consumers of the local tradition and excellent food products served; and to promote food and wine tourism.

In addition to document checks, the qualified WTC Genoa staff performs on-field company audits, to ensure the traceability of the production chain and to improve the quality of the Genoese territory products.

Technical support to promotion activities

WTC Genoa supports the many promotional activities of Genoa Chamber of Commerce, with particular focus on tourism, which over the years has taken on an increasingly leading and qualifying role in the development of Genoa’s economy.

In particular, WTC Genoa’s dedicated staff contributes to the development of statistics, analyses and reports in the sector, working with Liguria Regional Government and the Chamber of Commerce “Riviere di Liguria” on the activities of the Regional Tourism Observatory.

In addition, WTC Genoa supports the Chamber of Commerce in managing a number of initiatives of national relevance, such as the participation in the ‘Mirabilia Network’, which brings together Italian Chambers of Commerce engaged in the promotion of sustainable tourism in Unesco territories.

European project planning

WTC Genoa takes care of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce’s participation in EU funded programmes by sharing the available opportunities with Chamber’s Services and planning the project, investing in priority themes for the territory and its enterprises, such as: innovation, digitalisation, green transition, skills development, ‘blue economy’, tourism and cultural heritage.

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